Capital Landscapes & Driveways

Installing Tarmacadam driveways

About Tarmacadam

  • Hard wearing
  • Long lasting
  • Many different colours available
  • Multiple uses, not just driveways
  • Stylish edging available, including built-in drainage and block paving
  • Low maintenance
  • Tarmac driveways can be resealed and resurfaced
  1. Remove the current driveway surface
  2. Grade your driveway slope
  3. Compact the base soil
  4. Cover the base soil with crushed rock
  5. Pack the crushed rock into the subsoil
  6. Allow the base to settle for a week
  7. Compact the asphalt with a heavy roller
  8. Treat the edges of the driveway

Drains can be included with your driveway installation, or added to an existing tarmacadam driveway to remove groundwater and prevent the buildup of puddles.

Standard Tarmacadam driveways typically come with discrete concrete edging, but this can be rather easily replaced with block paving. This helps outline your tarmacadam driveway and provide it with extra stability.  There are a variety of colours, sizes, shapes and designs of block pavers to choose from to compliment or contrast the tarmac driveway.